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Personal Testimony

Everyone needs someone to say, "It's going to be ok!"

From infrastructure and access to art and entrepreneurship, Kansas City is booming! We have come so far as a city, but yet some folks are still being left behind. When I travel to other cities and see how far their local LGBTQ+ communities have come, the relationships that have been built, and the organizations that exist I am truly inspired! But then I come back to KC, and while we are progressing as an entire city; there are still huge voids in programming, events, and services, creating overall division within the LGBTQ+ community. Our Spot KC was formed in 2016 to address these gaps in services and offer intentional programming to those underserved within the LGBTQ+ community.

We are not your typical organization, we aren’t going out into the community and saying, ‘this is what we are going to do for you’ we are actively listening and creating according to what they determine is needed making our mission truly community driven.

We are involving and evolving with the community’s needs. If I had to put it in a few words, we identify problems and rectify them. We were formed with the intent to first assess the needs of the community, identify individuals and organizations key to implementation of the process needed and in turn creating sustainable solutions.

The goal is to mobilize, connect and provide ongoing community building opportunities. This approach sets a necessary foundation and emphasizes overall community empowerment.


Starzette Palmer is the Executive Director for Our Spot KC. She has over 10 years in planning, organizing and executing community panel discussions, fundraisers, programs, and events engaging the LGBTQ+ community. She is trained in crisis intervention, community mobilization and response, policy creation, data collection, trauma informed care, addiction and recovery, harm reduction, crime prevention through environmental design, event logistics, advocacy, pre and post event procedures, and vendor/entertainment staffing. Overcoming addiction, homelessness and domestic violence was the motivation behind the inception of Our Spot KC and continues to fuel the purpose, vision and mission of the organization.


  • Lion House TH/RRH Housing Program
  • Outskrts LBTQ+ Festival
  • Outreach on Wheels Mobile Outreach Unit
  • Q-Nation! Youth Summer Program
  • TED Program