What is Lion House?

Lion House is an LGBTQ-specific transitional and rapid rehousing program that seeks to come from a community first and housing plus approach. Transitional housing is a short term housing program that is designed to best support specific segments of the homeless population, including working homeless people who are earning too little money to afford long-term housing.

Lion House is a program created by Our Spot KC that is fighting to end homelessness.

Why this is so important to us

LGBTQ people are more represented in the homeless community than they are in the housed population. While national statistics show that 40-43% of homeless youth are LGBTQ, in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, statistics show our area has a greater representation of homeless youth being LGBTQ, at nearly 50%. Statistics on LGBTQ adult homelessness in Kansas City have not yet been compiled from the 2021 Point in Time Count.

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